The resources developed over the next two years will include:

• ‘My Human Rights, My Well-Being’ Booklet retelling the stories and experiences of incidents where older people have not had their rights met under the ECHR and CRPD.

Download My Human Rights, my well being:
English (All countries)


• Our Stories: Human Rights and Older People in Europe Two Moons Documentary Theatre and Talkback will provide a medium for some of the stories collected to be dramatized and performed by community drama groups throughout the country. This will heighten awareness among the wider community including health and social care professionals, public representatives, family members of situations where the rights of older people are not upheld.

• ‘Listen to My Story’ Audio will be a recording of the six dramatized monologues and can be used with the Guide to hosting the Two Moons Documentary Theatre and Talkback to deliver workshops on human rights awareness.